Participation in Activities of IAEA

1. IAEA Projects :

  • Safety assessment of WWER-440/213 (reference plant Bohunice V2, Slovakia)
  • Elaboration of a MELCOR code-based severe accident simulator (reference plant Bohunice V2, Slovakia)
  • Safety assessment of WWER-1000 (reference plant Zaprozhie Unit 5)
  • CRP J4.20.04 “Assessment of the Interfaces between Neutronic, Thermal-Hydraulic, Structural and Radiological Aspects in Accident Analysis”
  • CRP J7.20.05 “Evaluation of Uncertainties in Best Estimate Accident Analysis”

2. Preparation of lectures and IAEA training courses:

  • Basics of NPP with WWER-1000/320
  • Analysis of severe accidents using the MELCOR code (Peking, China)
  • RELAP5/3, SCDAP/RELAP and MELCOR application for analysis of design and beyond design basis accidents (Mexico)

3. Participation of international research projects

  • OECD/NEA VVER-1000 Coolant Transient Benchmark (main steam line break in WWER-1000 plant)
  • BMU (Germany) project “Scientific-Technical Co-operation with Middle and East European Countries”