Mechanical Part

Design and engineering of the following systems:

  • Main high pressure steam lines of the SG and T
  • Steam collectors
  • Feed-water pipelines
  • Auxiliary pipelines
  • Self-consumption pipelines Equipment

The design activities comprise:

  • Stress analyses for static and dynamic loads and temperature gradients
  • Static loads for pipelines class 1 to 4 (conventional plants) and 1 to 3 (NPP) stress analyses for a variety of static loads - temperatures, weight, pressure, isolations, etc.
  • Dynamic loads - earthquakes, hydraulic shocks, and wind loads, etc.
  • Fatigue evaluation
  • Evaluation of he cracks growth and corrosion effects
  • Evaluation of the rest strength of pipelines
  • Evaluation of elastic-plastic fractures, critical strains, critical crack size
  • Determination of intervals for non-destructive control
  • Sizing of equipment and pipelines