Projects 2000-2002

  1. Analysis of the feasibility for installation of a leak monitoring system for the primary coolant pipelines qualified for LBB – p. 1.320.1 of PRG’99.
  2. Thermal hydraulic analysis of transients for the validation of the full-scope simulator of Unit 6, KNPP.
  3. Detailed Design of FAMOS – KNPP Unit 4.
  4. Detailed Design for the decommissioning of KNPP 1&2 – subcontractor to Belgatom and EWN.
  5. Studies for WWER-440/230 – a contract with GRS, Germany.
  6. Detailed Design for a new system for SG level control and replacement of the feedwater control valves, KNPP 3&4.
  7. Participation in the Rest Life Time evaluation of KNPP 1?4 of - subcontractor to the companies from the CONSART consortium (Siemens and Atomstroyexport).
  8. Participation in the reconstruction of the Localization System of KNPP 3&4 with installation of a Jet-vortex Condenser - subcontractor to Atomstroyexport.
  9. Independent evaluation of the safety of KNPP 3&4 – subcontractor to ENCONET.
  10. Elaboration of the upgraded SAR of KNPP 3&4 (in co-operation with RISK Engineering Ltd.).
  11. Detailed Design of FAMOS, KNPP Unit 3