Projects 2005-2006

  1. Participation in the Modernization Program of Kozloduy Units 5&6, subcontractor of FRAMATOME ANP – Upgraded Safety Analysis Report (USAR).
  2. Project Management and Engineering Services Unit in Kozloduy NPP for fulfilment of different tasks for the decommissioning of Units 1 and 2 (subcontractor of BNFL/EDF).
  3. Technical Project of Installations for treatment and storage of radioactive wastes in the National Storage Novi Han-2, EuropeAid/116740/D/SV/BG (with Empresarios Agrupados, Spain).
  4. Study of power reduction modes in case of trip of two out of two turbine-driven feed water pumps at Kozloduy Unit 5&6 – contract with GRS, Germany
  5. Elaboration of a supplementary package to USAR of Kozloduy Units 3&4 and substantiation of LOCA 2хDN 500 as a Design Basis Accident.
  6. Analysis and substantiation of the necessity for evaluation of the rest life time of civil structures, systems, installation and components in the Spent Fuel Storage equipment.
  7. Improvement of the operational reliability of main steam pipeline “Superheated steam” in the section Outlet collector of the Superheated steam header II – T-joint “Main steam pipeline balance – KA-9, KA-12, KA-10” - Maritza Iztok 2 Thermal Power Plant.
  8. Detailed Design for installation and connection of a new igniting, pressure reduction and cooling facility for Boilers 1&2 of District Heating Plant Sofia-Iztok.
  9. Technical solution and Detailed Design of reinforcement of the pipelines for steam blow-down at Units 1 and 2 of Maritza Iztok 2 thermal power plant
  10. Strength calculations of the connection to ТQ40S08 and ТQ40S09 of Kozloduy Units 5&6
  11. Design of a bypass pipeline of system UM in the heat distribution plant of Kozloduy NPP
  12. Detailed design of a new support and suspension system of oil pipielines form SA51 to SC51D41,42 and from SA52 to SC52D41,42 – Kozloduy NPP Units 5&6
  13. Replacement of control valves 5RN81S01, 5RN82S01, 5RN91S01, 5RN92S01, 5RN11S02, 5RN12S02, 5RN21S06, 5RN22S06 of system RN -  Kozloduy NPP Units 5&6
  14. Detailed design of a stack with height + 38.6 m of the co-generation plant 32 MW – district heating plant, Pleven
  15. Elaboration of technical documentation for permit application for modifications of the construction of the reinforced concrete container for transportation and storage of treated radioactive waste from Kozloduy NPP