Projects 2007-2009

  1. Project Management and Engineering Services Unit in Kozloduy NPP for fulfilment of different tasks for the decommissioning of Units 1 and 2. Important self-performance projects elaborated by ENPRO in the framework of the Project are:
  • Development of Updated Decommissioning Strategy for Units 1 to 4.
  • Development of Decommissioning Plan for Units 1 and 2.
  • Elaboration of a Technical Design and Supply of necessary equipment for Organisation of Size Reduction Areas in Turbine Hall.
  • Elaboration of a Technical Design and Supply of necessary equipment and materials for installation of new water pipeline between service water "B" group - units 3, 4 with the service water system of units 1, 2.
  • Design of a pipeline connection DN400 between the service water group "Б" system - Units 3&4 - and the service water system - Units 1&2.
  • Elaboration of Plate heat exchangers for redundancy of the heat exchangers 1, 2HWB-А.
  • Development of a Decommissioning Safety Analysis Report.
  • Assessment of the rest lifetime resource of systems, components, civil constructions in use during decommissioning.
  • Elaboration of a safety analysis report for the operation of KNPP Units 1&2 as RAW management facility trough a Special Division "Decommissioning - Kozloduy"
  1. Elaboration of a project for complete radiation surveillance of Kozloduy NPP Units 1&2 – subcontractor of EWN.
  2. Independent review and safety assessment of Kozloduy Unit 5 in case of beyond design failure of the control rod drives.
  3. Draft of the third national report of Republic of Bulgaria on the fulfilment of the obligations, originating from the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management.  
  4. Rest life time evaluation for systems and equipment for spent fuel storage and for the technological systems in the spent fuel storage of Kozloduy NPP.
  5. Development of a program for investigation, analysis and evaluation of the mechanical characteristics of pipelines group “B” for unit 6 at KNPP after 100,000 hours of operation (subcontractor to ATP).  
  6. Realization of an additional possibility for emergency filling of the spent fuel pool (БОК- В,Г) in case of break of the pipelines, connected to the spent fuel pool, that ensure cooling and maintain water level, needed for a safe storage of the spent fuel.
  7. Increase of the seismic stability of the pipelines, ensuring cooldown and maintaining water level in the spent fuel pool (БОК- В,Г)
  8. Design of thermal insulation of equipment and pipelines in Unit 1 of Maritza Iztok 2 thermal power plant.
  9. Elaboration of a detailed design for construction of a temporary scheme with supporting hanging system, needed to perform steam letdown of units 3 and 4 and provision of a monitoring during the construction.
  10. Detailed design of the modernization of the destructor of the incinerator plant for burning of hazardous wastes from hospitals.