Projects 2009-2010

  1. Peer review of selected design solutions in the Technical Design of NPP “Belene” (Generation III+ WWER NPP)
  2. Analysis of the radiological consequences in case of DBA with LB LOCA Dn850 within the containment and Reactivity and thermal hydraulic analysis in case of a postulated initiating event – control rod ejection.
  3. Analysis for proofing the possibility for operation of steam dump to atmosphere valves BRU-A-5,6TX50, 60, 70, 80S05 with water or two-phase (steam-water) mixture )sub-contractor to Atomtoploproekt  for the part – models for strength calculations and strength verification.
  4. Uncertainty analysis for predicted neutronic and thermal-hydraulic parameters of selected accidents at WWER-1000 (contract with IAEA)
  5. Investigation of the possible pathways and technical means, design and installation  of alternative FW to SGs in case of SBO for units 5 and 6 at KNPP.