Projects 2011-2013

  1. Project Management and Engineering Services Unit in Kozloduy NPP for fulfilment of different tasks for the decommissioning of Units 1 and 2.   
  2. Project Management and Engineering Services Unit in SE RAW for consulting services for site selection, design, safety evaluation, construction and commissioning of a National Repository for radioactive wastes (Consortium with Empresarios Agrupados и VT Nuclear Services).  
  3. Replacement of main steam line of TG No.4 from the cutting valve till the flange connection of HP Cylinder of Thermal power plant “Sofia-East”  
  4. Elaboration of a detailed design for a new road bed for pipeline for evaporated oulets after 5, 6 RL21,22W01,02  onsite of Kozloduy NPP
  5. Designer Supervision  and Technical Assistance during the installation works for the ENPRO Project “Modification of the scheme for supply of chemically clean water to the electrolyzes ZH71,72  and modification of the existing scheme for air conditioning of their compartments with water from system 0UX31H01 with 0UW33D01
  6. Verification of the seismic stability of the mechanical construction of the sensors for wide range temperature control on the surface of the vessels of reactors 5 and 6.
  7. Design of connection of the pipeline for pressure monitoring after the first stage of the sealing of MCP for units 5 and 6 that is possible to be    dismantled 
  8. Elaboration of lots 5 and 6 of stress tests as an ad hock reassessment of the safety margins of the equipment of Kozloduy NPP in case of catastrophic natural events that lead to severe accidents:
  • ENPRO as developer of lot 5 with Westinghouse as subcontractor performing the review of the report
  • Westinghouse as developer of lot 6 with ENPRO as subcontractor with supporting functions for the report development
  1. Design of additional supports of the recirculation pipelines 5,6ТХ40D01
  2. Feasibility study for a construction of new nuclear units at the site of Kozloduy NPP (subcontractor to Westinghouse). 
  3. Design of overhead road 1 in “Mondi” Ltd, Stamboliyski town, for ENEMONA as a main contractor.   
  4. Analysis and evaluation of the radioactive conditions in the compartments of the building surround the containment - MCR (main control room) and ECR (emergency control room).
  5. Investigation of the possibility and elaboration of a Conceptual Design of autonomous cooling system of the compartments in the SFS (spent fuel  storage).